Welcome to
Awaji Island Hideaway.

It is said in Japanese legend that the first island was Awaji Island.
Nestled in a retreat with beautiful changing scenery
there is an inn where you can enjoy the islands bounty.
Our name is Awa.


Awa story

  • Accommodation is limited to one group per day
    Accommodation is limited to one group per day
  • Accommodation is limited
    to one group per day.

    Terraced rice fields stretch as far as the eye can see.

    In the beginning of summer, fireflies dance along Tajiri River.

    With each season comes beautiful scenery and with it a delicious banquet.

    In Ikuta village on Awaji Island, traditional Japanese scenery still exists today.

    Located in the southern part of Hyogo Prefecture,
    Awaji Island is an hour by bus from Osaka.

    We have made an inn. It’s name is Awa.

    Like a loving grandmother, the century old house welcomes you warmly.

    We have prepared the harvest from the sea and the mountains, and we are waiting for you.


Taste the delicacies of the island and spend a relaxing time in an old house in the midst of nature.

  • Cooking with seasonal ingredients

    Cooking with seasonal ingredients.

    In Ikuta Village, surrounded by nature, the owner grows his own vegetables, examines Awaji Island ingredients, and offers creative cuisine.

  • Original Japanese Landscape.

    Original Japanese Landscape.

    You can rent out the inn, which is a 100-year-old traditional Japanese house renovated in a modern Japanese style.

  • Accommodation is limited to one group per day.

    Accommodation is limited
    to one group per day.

    Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can spend rich time with your family and friends.


View inside the inn. All rooms are available except the kitchen.



We are located 10 minutes from Hokudan I.C.
on the Kobe Awaji Naruto Tollway.

Address/〒656-1605 Hyogo Prefecture Awaji-shi, Ikuta Tajiri 597
Japanese/〒656-1605 兵庫県淡路市生田田尻 597

Phone Number/090-3265-0856


Parking available