It’s name is Awa.

About Awa

Terraced rice fields stretch as far as the eye can see.
In the beginning of summer, fireflies dance along Tajiri River.
With each season comes beautiful scenery and with it a delicious banquet.
In Ikuta village on Awaji Island, traditional Japanese scenery still exists today.

Located in the southern part of Hyogo Prefecture,
Awaji Island is an hour by bus from Osaka.

We have made a cafe. It’s name is Awa.
Like a loving grandmother, the century old house welcomes you warmly.
We have prepared the harvest from the sea and the mountains, and we are waiting for you.

An old cafe full of emotion and dreams.
Nature, Food, People; all are the island’s bounty.

店主 藤原 由美

Starting a cafe on Awaji Island was definitely destiny.

I was born in Osaka and often came to Awaji Island as a child with my family. The ocean and mountains were beautiful. A traditional Japanese lifestyle was preserved here and I thought, “ One day I want to live here.” I wanted to make a place for people to have fun, be happy, and enjoy a good meal.

When I first saw the 100 year old building I was convinced, “In this building I can achieve my dream.”


A place designed by dreams and passion

Ever since I was young I enjoyed music and through playing music I made friends who shared the same dream of starting a cafe. Be that as it may, we were strangers to Awaji Island and most of us didn’t have any experience in running a cafe. We encountered many problems but through the support of friends we overcame each challenge that confronted us.

Our friends came together and brought their characteristic passions to Awa. Awa was created by their expertise, from the stained glass windows, the doors, the walls, and the floors, to photography and web promotion. They helped us with more aspects of constructing the cafe than we can count.

In March of 2016 we opened Awa. We are proud to say our cafe is like no other, one that is full of dreams and passion.


We want to connect with locals and bring more people to Awaji Island.

Our ties with the people of the local villages and Awaji-island are the most important for us. It’s because of them that we have Awa. We want to work with the people who have protected and kept this community. We want to bolster enthusiasm for Awaji Island.

We use rice, vegetables, fish and other ingredients from Awaji Island. Awaji Island is a cornucopia of delicious food. We wouldn’t be able to make our outstandingly delicious dishes without the fresh produce and help of local farmers, fishermen, and merchants.

We are only open on the weekends. But with the help of our customers, we have had a lot of media coverage. Our friends have also done concerts here. We are looking for people who want to hold events, training camps, or add to the fun of the area in some other way.

店主 藤原 由美

Come and relish the fresh flavor of Awaji Island

Enjoy not only the food but also the relaxing atmosphere, nature, and warm encounters with people.

Awaji Island is a place of endless possibilities.

Awa and our journey has just begun

Owner: Yumi Fujiwara

Lunch Menu〜 The Island’s Treasures 〜

Island Feast Lunch(Changes Weekly)

Ingredients from Awaji Island that are in season making a rich feast. 3 or 4 vegetable dishes with Koshiki rice (produced in Ikuta village), soup, and pickled vegetables. The menu changes weekly.

Awa Curry Lunch(with Salad)

Awa Curry is made with an onion yogurt base with Awaji Island meat, and seasonal vegetables. Onion rings and salad are also included for a very filling lunch!

Awa Parfait(During Cafe Hours)

Seasonal fruits, handmade ice cream, and cake. This parfait is naturally sweet. The perfect light sweetness for children.

Dinner Menu

Awa’s dinner menu is available
from 6pm to 9pm.

  • Dinner Course
    (*picture shows the B course)

    Dinner CourseReservation necessary
    for parties of three or more
    A course ¥2,800 / B course ¥3,500*

    3 appetizers, fried entree, fish, 3 side dishes, koshiki rice, soup, dessert, and drink.

    * Course A does not include meat. Course B includes meat

  • Barbecue Course
    (*picture shows serving for 2)

    Barbecue CourseReservation necessary
    for parties of more than four
    ¥3,000 per person

    Awaji Island beef, Awaji Island fowl, seasonal mushrooms and vegetables, seafood etc.

    (Price will vary between ¥3,000 and ¥4,000 according to the choice of meat. Additional servings will cost ¥800 and up.) Feel free to ask us about pricing.

Drinks and Desserts

  • Black Soy Bean with Toasted Soy Bean flour drink

    Black Soy Bean with Toasted Soy Bean Flour Drink¥600

  • Strawberry Lassi

    Lassi(Plain or banana.Strawberry in season.)

  • Awaji Beer

    Awaji Beer(Local Beer)

  • Maya Coffee

    Maya Coffee(Bagged)

  • Handmade Cake

    Handmade Cake(Changes Weekly)

  • Dessert Set

    Dessert Set¥300
    with purchase of lunch
    (includes dessert and drink)

All prices do not include tax.
We do not accept credit cards. Cash only.
During weekdays we take reservations for parties of four or more.

Interior Design

Built in 1929 as a house, Awa has been renovated into a cafe.
All of the art pieces were made by my friends and I.

  • 光のモザイクエントランス

    Light Mosaic EntranceEntrance

    Apart from the cedar frame of the door, the glass, wood and other materials were reused from the original structure to make Awa’s entrance. This space lights up with the artist’s touch. The picture hanging on the wall is Kenji Satake’s work.

  • レトロなゆったりソファー

    Relaxing Retro SofaTable Seating

    Western style seating with wooden floors. The antique sofa, made in Kobe, is perfect for a relaxing afternoon at the cafe.

  • 窓際カフェテーブル

    Window Side Cafe TableTable Seating

    Seating for two, perfect for a couple or for girl talk. You can enjoy the scenery of the inner garden through the stained glass windows.

  • 波の間

    Between the WavesFloor Seating

    A luxurious room surrounded by greenery. The room can fit up to 20 people and is available as a private room. Enjoy some tea or a relaxing lunch in this Japanese style room.

  • 雲の間

    Between the CloudsPrivate Room

    A private room that can seat up to four people. The Japanese art on the walls and ceiling, along with the light coming through the bamboo shade, gives this room a mysterious feeling, almost as if you are in the clouds.

  • アイランドキッチン

    Island KitchenBar Counter Seating

    Excellent seating for enjoying music and talking with the staff. The view from the window is fantastic. Great for those who run solo.

Staff Introduction

  • Owner Yumi Fujiwara

    OwnerYumi Fujiwara

    Yumi loved music and art from a young age; she has lived alongside love & peace. Knowing that she would eventually live in Awaji Island, she has finally arrived.

  • Field Superintendent Kenji Satake

    Field SuperintendentKenji Satake

    Kenji is Awa’s Superintendent. He is in charge of art. He is also the vocalist and guitarist for the band Seikatsu Circus, who have performed twice at the Fuji Rock music festival.


We are located 10 minutes from Hokudan I.C.
on the Kobe Awaji Naruto Tollway.

We are located 10 minutes from Hokudan I.C. on the Kobe Awaji Naruto Tollway.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us!

Address 〒656-1605 Hyogo Prefecture Awaji-shi, Ikuta Tajiri 597
【Japanese】〒656-1605 兵庫県淡路市生田田尻 597
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Phone Number 090-3265-0856
Business Days We are open every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and national holidays.
(During weekdays we are open for reserved parties of 4 or more. Please reserve at least one day in advance.)
Business Hours Lunch / 11:30~14:30 (Reservation needed)
Cafe / 14:30~17:00
Dinner / 18:00~21:00 (Reservation needed)
Note Parking available